Investing Costs Nothing

DAWQ is here to turn your digital change into high return crypto investments.

Rewarding Savings

What if it was possible to automatically save and invest money simultaneously?

One App: Any Device

DAWQ works everywhere: continuously saving your digital cash and yielding safe returns.

Rounding up

Every time you send or receive money we save it in your digital wallet.

Saving in action

Our AI software knows when to buy and when to sell.

Passive returns

By using our app you will yield returns while doing nothing, with change you never missed.


Using the blockchain technology, we are focusing on an unique app that acts as a multi-currency wallet that rounds down your tokens and coins to even units in order to save and reinvest the leftover crypto change.

Safe Funds/

Any coin, token or asset can be stored safely.

Atomic Swap/

Decentralized instant trading

Coded with Love/

Created by Blockchain experts

/Powered by AI

Our bots not only trade but they find and analyze trends.

/Change Into Savings

Returns on investment are unpredictable yet highly promising.

/Costs Nothing

You'll never even notice your digital change being put aside.









Beta Phase

Our cross-platform apps are not ready just yet.
Make sure you are notified when the time comes.

Launching soon.

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